Oh, war das Hitler?


We are having a heaven party
and that’s Hitler ground.


Munich court decides: ‚No free speech on eBay‘

It would be an exercise in redundancy or running in open doors to introduce Bavarian courts and the Munich court in particular. A neo-nazi as judge, the Hoeness deal (the latest here), the NSU whitewash, the refusal to deal with the 1980 Octoberfest attack, and just days ago a lenient verdict against an ex-banker.

Ebay customer must take back bad review 

  • A buyer must take back his bad review of a dealer at internet auction site eBay. He had complained about defective goods, without speaking in advance with the seller.
  • The ebay buyer relies on freedom of expression, the Higher Regional Court of Munich ruled against him.


Comment needs to be deleted

A buyer has his bad review of a dealer at Internet auction house Ebay withdraw. The man must agree to the deletion of the comment, the Higher Regional Court of Munich decided.Information on the reasons for the judgment at first did not make the court. A revision was denied by the Senate. On damages, the court had not decided.

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So next time you buy anything in Bavaria and it turns out to be unsatisfactory, first contact very politely the seller/shop. Apologize profusely for having the indecency not to be absolutely and totally satisfied with the faulty product. Asking for a replacement? Well, this is Bavaria, you should reconsider perhaps. Under absolutely no circumstances write a negative review. This is Wadlstrumpf-Land.

Bavarian police detain Syrian refugees

Everyone knows what’s going on in Syria. Those who can afford it try to leave the country, which is not easy and costs money. One first destination is Italy due to its proximity and from here on they continue their flight to a better life to Germany or Denmark or further north.

Unfortunately, they have to cope with a foe of different sorts, the Bavarian police. The oh so boring Muenchen.tv aired a report yesterday showing some of those police at work in a Eurocity train coming from Verona in Italy. Here are some images taken from the video.

According to the report all of the detained were Syrians and one lady was Ethiopian. All were well dressed, so that shows these people have money and they had good jobs, otherwise there is no way to pay for the transfers.


Here is how the police operates. They board the Eurocity in Kufstein which is a city close to the German border in Austria! As soon as the train is on German territory they start their work.


Here the passports they confiscated. Of course these refugees have no valid visa. How could they, they would never get one for Germany.

It gets even more seedier.

cuffbandOnce the refugees from Syria are detained they get a white cuff band attached. Err, have we not seen similar treatment by black-clad goons some decades ago in Germany?

It would not be Bavarian police if it would not get even more primitive.


They even body-search the kids. How disgusting!


The interesting thing about the report from Muenchen.tv is that the main police figures in the video are introduced by their first names, Udo and Bianca. Now that is probably to inspire trust in these people.

Told my daughter about this report and she looked at me in shock and utter disgust. Germany, a deeply racist country.

CDU/CSU parliamentary group meeting

This is the dude from Bavaria who leaves no opportunity wasted to rant against foreigners trying to live a better life.

A neo-Nazi as judge in Bavaria? Well why not.

Par bleu, this can not be a surprise. After all, the Oktoberfest terror attack of 1980 investigation has been obstructed since years by police and the Bavarian court.

So the disclosure of this is not exactly embarrassing in Bavaria where the court is doing its best to drag out, obstruct and disguise the fact that police, courts, the German secret service and government agencies were all involved in the cover-up of the neo-Nazi NSU killings.

About the radical right past the man’s Brandenburg Constitutional protection had informed the Bavarian State Office for the Protection of the Constitution in February.

full FAZ article here